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With the current trends in technology and the growing incorporation of artificial intelligence and machine learning, Artificial Intelligence United (AiU) was created to support the understanding of implementation of these importance advancements. AiU - Certified Tester in Artificial Intelligence (AiU-CTAI) is a 3-day practical certification course, which goes beyond the fundamentals of AI and machine learning, to discover the differences associated with testing in this new world. Join the Artificial Intelligence United community and embark on your AI/ML journey today.

Certified Tester in AI (CTAI)

Certified Testers in AI will be able to comprehend and relate theoretical concepts and practical applications of Machine Learning (ML). Participants will be able to decide which are the best algorithms for given ML issues and categorize various types of ML mechanisms, such as supervised and unsupervised.

Artificial intelligence was founded as an academic discipline in 1956. It is only in recent years that the capabilities and AI and ML have really grown into everyday topics, which are becoming integral parts of many IT projects. There are endless possibilities and uses for AI and ML which can bring incredible benefits; however, as with many new technologies, it is important that we understand them well so we can better consider potential ethical implications. This is why, at AiU, we believe that the most important thing is knowledge.  


Maniprakash Venkatesan Head of QA, BORN Commerce Pvt. Ltd.
AiU Certified Tester in Artificial Intelligence deals with the basics of ML models with test approach/strategy and all the contents are quite absorbing with in-depth concepts via a practical approach. I just loved all the hands-on exercises.

The trainers are exemplary and are able to channelize and tune into market requirements on AI. I thoroughly enjoyed this training and would recommend it to anyone working in QA.

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